Air Conditioning Repair in Surrey


We don’t just install new air conditioning systems here at Surrey Air Conditioning Ltd., but we also repair broken air conditioning units to keep homes, businesses, and offices cool. We have expert, fully trained engineers ready to fix your broken air conditioning units and provide our expert advice on prolonging their lifespan. A broken AC, especially during the summer months or in a busy business or office, can be frustrating and get very irritating very quickly! Our engineers will be with you efficiently to fix your broken, failing, or problematic unit.


Air Conditioning Repairs for Businesses


Regardless of whether your business is an office, an independent cafe, or a busy retail store, working air con can be central to your team’s and your customers’ comfort. Especially in busy businesses with multiple team members, enclosed spaces, or commercial appliances like ovens, AC and humidity control is often taken for granted until a fault occurs. Our engineers know this, and will endeavour to carry out your air conditioning repair in as timely and cost-effective a way as possible.


How to Identify Broken Air Conditioning


Your air conditioning might be broken, faulty, or malfunctioning if it is: leaking water, not cooling properly, lacking in power or noticeable effect, making uncharacteristic noises, has a bad smell, or is leaking gas. In these instances, you should call our Surrey air conditioning repair engineers so that we may come and assess your unit. It may be that your system can be fixed, but if not we do have some options and packages for new appliances to replace your faulty AC.


Replacing Broken Air Conditioning Units


If, for whatever reason, your AC unit cannot be fixed, we do offer portable air conditioning units and air cleaners for short-term relief whilst we discuss with you a new air conditioning system. We’ll arrange with you a time to visit our showroom, where we have many popular air conditioning systems on display and available for demonstration.  Of course, if you don’t currently have an air conditioning system in your home, business, or office, then we can visit you for a free no obligation site survey where we will discuss your needs and placement suitability.


If you’re worried your AC unit might be beginning to fail, speak to a member of our air conditioning repair team on 020 8542 6100 today to arrange a site visit.