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It might surprise you that even now in 2019 quite a few schools and nurseries in Surrey haven’t installed air conditioning in their buildings.   Certainly, as temperatures are set to rise in the coming years so children of all ages will find it harder to concentrate in class when temperatures regularly hit 80 or 90 degrees.  So this is why schools and nurseries that don’t have air conditioning installed should begin to look at the possibilities of speaking with air conditioning companies in Surrey.

Yes, heat can be uncomfortable but is it really has an effect on the children when they are in lessons?   Research has been carried out and it shows that if the air quality inside a classroom or nursery room is poor it can have an impact on the children when they are in lessons.   But installation of equipment by respected air conditioning services in Surrey will reduce such issues from occurring.


What Are The Effects Of No Air Conditioning In Schools Or Nurseries


  1. Difficulty Concentrating


When children and babies get hot they find it much more difficult to concentrate.   In order to try and help to cool them down their bodies use up more energy so heat exhaustion can be avoided.  This energy is taken away from other bodily functions and can have a real effect on the way in which a child’s brain functions.  As a result of this, they find it harder to make any kinds of decisions when in lessons.


Research carried out has been able to clearly show the negative effect that a hot room can have on children when they are studying.   It was noted that children tended to score lower in tests when they had to take them in rooms that had little or no air conditioning in them.


Certainly, as temperatures begin to rise in the UK so schools will find that exam results may be impacted by this as in most cases exams tend to be taken during the hotter months of the year.


Along with the heat in most schools and nurseries you will find that humidity levels begin to rise as well.  Once humidity levels begin to rise it causes people to feel sleepier, so of course children will find it much harder to concentrate on their studies.  So if you are experiencing any such issues in your school or nursery the think about contacting one of the various air conditioning services in Surrey.


  1. Can Lead To Health Problems


If a room is unbearably hot it can lead to health problems for young children and babies.   Certainly, any good nursery will have looked at using local Surrey air conditioning installation services to install such equipment.


They would do this because babies are actually affected a great deal by hot weather and heat.   This is because babies actually sweat less than older children or adults so of course, they need to burn much more energy in order to help keep their temperature down.  But if the heat in the room in which they are sleeping or playing is too hot the risk of them becoming dehydrated is far greater.  In fact, they can become dehydrated very quickly.


We’ve spoken about heat being issue but so is the cold as well for children and babies.   If children or babies spend too much time in the cold then this can lead to an increase in minor illnesses.  Also, any child or baby that suffers from any illness or medical condition already may find that the symptoms associated with their condition become a great deal worse.  So again getting air conditioning installed using the services of a good Surrey air conditioning company is something worth considering.


As you can see from above any school or nursery in Surrey that has chosen to get such equipment installed by reputable air conditioning companies in Surrey is helping to alleviate these issues.  Not only will such equipment prove equipment during hot periods, but will also prove very beneficial to all children, teachers, and nursery staff during the winter months as well.


If you are seriously thinking about getting air conditioning installed in your school or nursery then please do not hesitate to give us a call here at Surrey Air Conditioning Ltd a call on 0208 542 6100.  Alternatively, you can email fill in our online enquiry form and we will arrange to call you back to discuss your requirements further.


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