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In the UK today, employers are required by law to comply with requirements relating to workplace ventilation.   The main aim of these requirements is to ensure that all staff is protected against any health problems that could arise when they are required to work in confined spaces without sufficient clean air present.

If there is insufficient ventilation such as that would be provided by air conditioning specialists, the owners of a business may find themselves in trouble.  They could either find themselves faced with receiving a fine or worse facing criminal prosecution.


So all employers should ensure that their ventilation and air conditioning systems meet the required standards.  It is also important for you as the owner of a business to not what the legal requirements are and keep in mind the advice regarding air conditioning installation.


What Are The Legal Requirements For Workplace Ventilation?


In the 1992 “Workplace (Health, Safety And Welfare) Regulations Act” is states that all business premises in the UK must supply fresh or purified air into the workplace on an ongoing basis.


So What Is Workplace Ventilation Requirements?


Air Circulation


Under the terms of this Act, all employers in the UK are must ensure that sufficient amounts of fresh or purified air is able to enter any place where the staff is working.  This will help to ensure that sufficient amounts of oxygen is available for staff to breath whilst helping to reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the workplace.


Such ventilation can be provided by natural or mechanical methods.  In small offices, you may find the opening of windows is sufficient to allow enough fresh air to circulate.  However, for larger businesses such as factories, warehouses or garages then good quality air conditioning services will be required.  These will help to bring sufficient amounts of clean fresh or purified air into the workplace.




Not only is it important that businesses in the UK provide staff with plenty of fresh air, but the owners are also required to ensure that the temperature in the workplace is appropriate for the environment in which the staff is working.


But as we all can experience different levels of comfort when it comes to working in a room at the same temperature there are certain guidelines that should be followed.  For example, in offices, where most people spend a great deal of their day sitting at a desk the air conditioning installation should help to keep temperatures at around 16 degrees Centigrade.


However, in areas such as factories or warehouses or garages because they carry out more physical duties the temperature in these areas for staff should be kept at least 13 degrees centigrade.


Of course, the issue of temperature becomes further complicated as some occupations are in fact exempt from these regulations.   These are jobs where staff are likely to be working in temperatures that are much higher or lower than those we’ve previously mentioned.   So, staff that work in kitchens, the above will also not cover staff working in cold storage areas or who spend a great deal of their time outdoors.


In these situations, you as the employer will be required to carry out a risk assessment of your staffs working conditions.  You must then take the appropriate steps to ensure the physical well being of your staff at all times.   This may include you having to install fans or heaters or supply your staff with suitable clothing for their work environment.


Removal Of Offensive Odours


As part of these 1992 Regulations, you will need to provide sufficient workplace ventilation to ensure that any offensive odours from toilets aren’t able to remain or drift into areas where staff are working.  Our air conditioning specialists will be able to recommend a suitable system that will prevent such problems from arising.  They will also provide you with advice to provide any non-smokers in your business with protection against cigarette smoke.


How To Ensure You Meet The Legal Requirements For Workplace Ventilation


As you can see from above being able to ensure that you meet all legal requirements for workplace ventilation can prove quite challenging.  But here at Surrey Air Conditioning, we have a qualified team , ready to help you.


To learn more about our products and services please call us on 0208 542 6100.  Alternatively, you can complete our online inquiry form, and one of our experienced air conditioning specialists will call you to discuss your particular needs to help you meet all requirements for workplace ventilation.


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