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A commercial air conditioning unit can be a costly business expense. However, it is also a requisite for a multitude of different working environments. Should your unit develop performance issues, or faulter altogether, you’ll need to seek the experience of a trusted commercial air conditioning repairs service in Surrey.

All too often businesses do a quick online search, find a local service, make a phone call or two and schedule an air conditioning repairs service to visit their place of business, examine and then complete any required repairs.

Now, we’re not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with this. However, there are occasions when a more thorough research time to help you find the best air conditioning repairs service in your area is favourable – and will help you to identify a repairs service with the capabilities of proficiently managing even the most exacting of repairs.

But, herein lies the question: how do you avoid the pitfall of engaging the services of a technician inexperienced in completing commercial air conditioning repairs? How can you find a commercial air conditioning repairs service in Surrey – or anywhere in the UK – that instils confidence and demonstrates prowess? By following these top five tips.

Do Your Homework

It’s easy to click the first result on Google search and then arrange an air conditioning technician to come and visit your home. However, it’s a better idea to have the manufacturer and model number of your air conditioning unit to hand and a vague understanding of the fault. Knowing the type of internal system is also helpful. The more you can convey to a commercial or office air conditioning repairsservice in Surrey, the better chance you have of having the problem swiftly and comprehensively resoled.

Always Choose an Experienced Company

A business may well be highly adept at completing air conditioning repairs for domestic units, but not have the experience – or confidence – when tackling commercial air conditioning repairs Surrey. Make sure that any business you engage has vast experience resolving malfunctioning commercial air conditioning units.

Enquire about their industry experience and be specific. Ask a business if it has strong experience resolving air conditioning units of your make ands model. Does the business have a single or more than one field of expertise? Knowing that a business has the appropriate experience will save you from potential headaches in the future.

Check their Accreditations and Legal Compliance

This next point isn’t entirely dissimilar from the previous one, but it deserves a separate mention. Before engaging any company to complete any commercial or office air conditioning repairs Surrey – or across the UK – that they comply with all legal requirements and hold the required accreditations.

These demonstrate prowess and, for example, that they have safe working practice protocols in-place. You ask to see their any certificates that prove the business complies with health and safety, or any other required regulations. This will provide you with the peace of mind that work will be completed to the highest possible standard and that engineers are equipped with the right knowledge, experience and training.

Know the Costs – And Your Finance Options

Before agreeing for an engineer to visit your commercial premises, always make sure that you have sound understanding of the prices they charge and how to pay the invoice (s). You can ask for a breakdown of cost that includes, for instance, labour and any required parts.

It’s also wise to ask a commercial air conditioning repairs service in Surrey – or anywhere in the UK – when the invoice is paid. Is it 30 days? Sooner? Longer? Knowing what to pay and when to pay is paramount. This is especially important if you’re writing off any repairs as a commercial expense.

The Environmental Impact

For some of us, environmental ethics is a primary motivator in the decisions we make. This transcends our activities, the products we use and the services we employ. If the environment be a central concern to you, why not ask commercial or office air conditioning repairs Surrey business what their environmental policy is?

How eco-friendly is the business? Do they have environmental policies in place to promote sustainability? If so – and they offer what you need at an affordable price – they could be just the commercial air conditioning repairs service for you.

So, there you have it. Five top tips to help you to find the right air conditioning repairs service for you. How many do you know?

If you need advice on any air conditioning systems or need air conditioning repairs in Surrey, get in touch with Surrey Air Conditioning today on: 020 8542 6100.

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