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From generating cool air to efficiency levels, these five misconceptions about air conditioning will teach you optimal air conditioning operation.

With the summer finally in full swing, having a good air conditioning unit is very important. Keeping an environment cool is essential, not just to keep you feeling comfortable but, to your general health and well-being.

However, despite the obvious benefits of air conditioning, there are more than a handful of misconceptions that consumers believe to be true. Below are commonly-believed facts about air conditioning that are false.

Air Conditioning Units Create Cool Air

Believe it or not, air conditioners do not create cool air. It’s true that thermal heat can be generated by fan fires, for example; but the reversal of this is not something that air conditioning units do.

You cannot ‘create’ cool air; you can only remove thermal heat. In removing thermal heat, the environment becomes cooler and this is precisely what an air conditioning unit does. The refrigerant absorbs heat from an environment, leaving only cool air remaining.

A Bigger Air Conditioning Unit Will Give You More Performance

If you’re running an air conditioning unit all day and still find the environment stifling, you may be tempted to upgrade to a bigger unit, one that promises better performance. Surrey air conditioning has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your best possible option.

Before you invest your hard-earned pounds, there are various reasons why your air conditioning unit may not be up to the task. For starters, as with any appliance, air conditioning units need regular maintenance. Fail to clean or routinely service your air conditioner and its performance will be jeopardised.


Is your air conditioner installed in a spot that benefits from persistent sunlight all day long? If so, Surrey air conditioning recommends moving it to a shaded area will help cooler air flow into the environment easier.

Also, have you considered that the problem may not even be the air conditioner? Window cracks, missing weather stripping around doors or poor insulation can all contribute to dampened air conditioning performance. Before you reach for your wallet, always check the environment that houses your air conditioning unit thoroughly.

Lowering the AC Temperature Cools the Environment Quicker

Upon returning from a day in the sun, or even a two-week jaunt to the Mediterranean, your first instinct may be to crack up the air conditioning and lower the temperature in the room as much as possible.

Despite common perception, this will not increase the speed that an AC unit will cool an environment. Unless you have a variable speed air conditioning unit, you can expect the environment to be cooled in a set timeframe. Turning the temperature gauge as low as it will go will only increase your bills.

It’s More Efficient to Have the AC on All Day than to Raise and Lower the Temperature

Programmable thermostats are a great way to save money on energy bills – especially during especially warm summer months and notably cold winter months.

Setting your thermostat to change the temperature in the house when you out, will allow you to dramatically cut down on energy use. Many people believe that air conditioning units must work extra hard to cool a house back down when you get home.

However, this simply isn’t true. There’s no need to have your air conditioning unit burning all day every day just to keep an environment cool. In doing this, all you’re managing to accomplish is higher bills. Always program your air conditioning unit to come on at optimal times all you’ll save pounds hand over first.

There are five common misconceptions about air conditioning shattered. If you’d like to know more, or to receive your free, no obligation survey today, contact Surrey Air Conditioning Limited.

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